The city of rivers and bridges


Meriç, Arda and Tunca rivers spring from the high mountains of the Balkans, meet in Edirne and take the waters of Ergene River down south to go join Aegean Sea. Those rivers and the bridges above them take an important role in Edirne’s history, economy and culture. With the bridges all the structures that the city has are artifacts defining the Ottoman capital’s identity.

The bridges that are on Tunca River are; three arched Fatih Bridge, Sultan Bayezid the 22nd Bridge which was built in 1488 with the II.Bayezid Kulliye by Mimar Hayrettin, 16 arched Gazimihal Bridge, four arched Kanuni (Saray) Bridge which was built by Mimar Sinan in 16th century, Yalnızgöz Bridge which is also built by Sinan, ten arched Şahabettin Pasha (Saraçhane) Bridge which was made built by the famous vizier Şahabettin Pasha in the year 1451, Ekmekçizade Ahmed Pasha (Tunca) Bridge built by Architect Mehmet Agha in the early 17th century.

Mecidiye (Meriç) Bridge, which is on the Meriç River was made in the Abdülmecit era between 1842-1847, is 263m long and has 12 arches.

The Uzunköprü on the Ergene Bridge was made built by Murad the 2nd between the years 1427-1443. It is 1392 and has 174 arches.

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