Selimiye, Edirne’s crown

Hotel Şimşek Edirne, Selimiye CamiiSELİMİYE, EDİRNE’S CROWN

Mimar Sinan-Sinan the Architect created Selimiye Mosque when he was 80 and called it his “masterpiece”. It is one of the greatest artifacts of Ottoman-Turkish art and architecture history. Sultan Selim the 2nd had it made between the years 1569-1575.

Selimiye is one of the successful examples of polygonal central dome plan which Mimar Sinan mastered after series of trials. Its dome symbolizes the most advanced stage of the thousand years dome history with 31.50m diameter and 8 elephantine piers supporting it. While it creates the most beautiful facade composition of Ottoman architecture, its 70.89m four minarets of three balconies, which were for the first time built next to the Harem, are uniquely elegant and aesthetic like Selimiye. The portico court is one of the most beautiful examples of the classical era and reflects the proportional beauty with the sixteen sided şadırvan (a type of large fountain built mostly in the yards of the mosques).

Selimiye also embodies the masterful examples of Ottoman trim works. The marble minbar shadows all the other examples by its elegant handy work, size, height and beauty. The walls at the mihrab, minbar and the fronton of all the ground flow windows are covered with vitrified tile decorations. Tile boards at the mihrab wall are amongst the Ottoman masterpieceswith their colors and compositions.

Selimiye is in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List since 2011.

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