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Hotel Şimşek, EdirneFRIED LIVER

One of Edirne’s most famous dishes and main tourist must haves is fried liver. The reason of Edirne’s fried liver, also known as leaf liver, is because of Edirne’s rich flora. Mastership is very crucial to the making of fried liver, which is produced from the liver of a one year calf fed in natural environment. The choosing of the ingredients, preparation, cooking and serving needs talent. During cooking local wheat flour and sunflower oil is used and is served with naturally dried green and red peppers of Edirne.


Hotel Şimşek, Edirne, köfteEDİRNE MEATBALL

Edirne meatball is one of the creations of Rumelian taste palate. Edirne meatball is frequently prefers by local and foreign tourists. It is special because of the way it is prepared and the naturally grown male calf meat that it is made of. The meat is minced with thyme, blackpepper and cumin, rested for 12 hours and kneaded with finely chopped onions. The meatballs are served with onions, tomatoes and green pepper and most importantly with a special sauce made of red pepper. It has unique shape, softness and taste.


Hotel Şimşek, Edirne, Edirne payniriEDİRNE CHEESE

In Edirne stockbreeding is very common and the city is also famous for its cheese making. Turkish Patent Institute gave Edirne cheese the Geographical Indication Brand Registration Certificate. People who are fond of palatal delight seek for the unique taste of the Edirne cheese for many years. It has different aspects from the other cheese products such as color, smell and taste. It is made from the cow, sheep and goat milk. Those animals are fed on natural grasslands of Edirne’s climate features. The milk has unique taste, smell and acidity. Edirne cheese has whole-fat, semi-fat and no-fat options.

Hotel Şimşek, Edirne, Badem EzmesiMARZIPAN-ALMOND PASTE

From the almond gardens of the past to the Ottoman palaces, marzipan is a very famous treat in Edirne. Historical sources talk about the countless almond gardens in Edirne and the natural beauty that they bring to the city. Today there is even a neighborhood called “bademlik”-the place where almonds grow. Marzipan has an important place in Edirne’s economy and social life. Also it is one of the most common souvenirs amongst tourists. Boiled almonds are dried and grounded. Then they are boiled together with sugar to achieve the amazing marzipan flavor.

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