Edirne in history

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A city that is put on the pedestal by history and civilizations: Edirne

Signs of a prehistoric life, Odrissia of the Thrace, the great Hadrinopolis of Emperor Hadrianus, Castrum of Rome and Byzantium that faces invasions, wars, destructions and victories… Glorious capital city of the Ottoman Empire… The capital on the west through which the armies flew and the sultans couldn’t’t forget… The city of heroes that endured all the pain of the 19th century and the tired migrations. One of the standing points of national consciousness which Mustafa Kemal defined as “an inseparable part of the country”. Edirne…


MÖ 5000-3000 : Çardakaltı Neolithic and Chalcolithic era settlements
MÖ 3000-1000: Tombstones, dolmens belonging to the Thrace
MÖ-1000-0: The city of Odrissa of the Thrace tribe Odris
123/124: Declared a city by Roman Emperor Hadrianus and named Hadrianopolis
1361: Conquered by the Ottomans in the time of Murad the 1st
1451: Sultan Mehmed the 2nd was crowned in the Edirne Palace and planned for the conquest of Istanbul
1569-1574: Selimiye Mosque is built
1828: Invaded by the Russians
1878: Invaded by the Russians for the second time and was under invasion for a year.
1912-1913    Sieged by the Bulgarians for 5,5 months during the Balkan War and invaded 26 March 1913, the invasion lasted 2 months
24 July 1920: Invasion by the Greek army, invasion ended by the victory of Turkish Liberation War
25 November 1922: Edirne’s liberation from enemy invasion
21 December 1930: President Mustafa Kemal visits Edirne

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