Hotel Şimşek
It has the soul of Edirne within!

A different synthesis reflecting Edirne’s cultural heritage

Hotel Şimşek, which creates a different synthesis by bringing together Edirne’s historical and cultural identity with tourism’s service opportunities, opens the door to an unforgettable experience to the business world and travelers.

Hotel Şimşek News

Enjoy the Garden in Hotel Şimşek

Hotel Şimşek Edirne

 Hotel Şimşek provides its guests a unique pleasure with its green garden.

Our Parking Lot is Available for Trailers

Hotel Şimşek Edirne karavan

Hotel Şimşek’s no-pay parking lot is available for trailers.

The Classical Cars are at Hotel Şimşek

Hotel Şimşek Edirne, klasik otomobiller

 The classical cars that came to Edirne for the calssical car rally “One River Three Cities” visited Hotel Şimşek.

Hotel Şimşek Edirne
Edirne Guide

Edirne in History

Signs of a prehistoric life, Odrissia of the Thrace, the great Hadrinopolis of Emperor Hadrianus, Castrum of Rome and Byzantium that faces invasions, wars, destructions and victories

Historical sights

Hotel Şimşek Edirne

The city of mosques, caravansaries and bridges.

Selimiye, Edirne’s crown

Hotel Şimşek Edirne

Mimar Sinan-Sinan the Architect created Selimiye Mosque when he was 80 and called it his “masterpiece”.

Edirne’s bridges


Hotel Şimşek Edirne

The city rivers and bridges

Kırkpınar oil wrestling

Hotel Şimşek Edirne, KırkpınarKırkpınar, a traditions of 7 centuries.

Kakava Festival

Hotel Şimşek Edirne, Kakava şenlikleri

Edirne celebrates Hıdırellez every year on May 5th and traditional Roman festival Kakava on May 6th with great participation and enthusiasm.

Locale flavors

Hotel Şimşek, Edirne

Fried liver, Edirne meatball, Edirne cheese and almond paste.


Hotel Şimşek Edirne

Fruit soap, mirrored broom, Edirnekari.

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